We deploy the power of artificial intelligences in your business environment
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We shape the future of your business through artificial intelligence with our services

AIris specializes in collecting relevant information based on the target’s domain and activity to generate ultra-personalized emails in various formats. Thanks to two proprietary AIs, AIris continuously self-improves and integrates with market platforms to optimize interactions and build customer loyalty.

What we transform in your business

Our solutions address automating the targeting of your key customers, personalizing emails, and qualifying potential clients.

Search for and find target customers

For an entrepreneur, the most laborious task is to retain customers and constantly stay updated on new data

Personalizing email generating

Next, it's about combining advanced online data analysis with expert email writing to captivate the audience with strategic approaches tailored to their individual needs.

Filter interested

Finally, it involves determining the prospect's interest in the product or service offered and evaluating its relevance to the prospect's needs.

Meet our 2 AIs

Offering comprehensive solutions to meet your needs is our top priority. Additionally, we can customize features to propel your business to new heights.

Email Automation Specialist


AI Consultant


Bespoke support

Looking for a tailored service that combines availability, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction? Our technical support provides an unmatched experience where every interaction is an opportunity to optimize your conversions and customer satisfaction.

24/7 customer service

Constant availability, instant responsiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Personalized customer support

Quality technical support and an optimal customer experience.

Individualized strategies

Tailored solutions and guidance adapted to the client’s specific needs.

Interested in learning more?

We would be delighted to discuss your needs to boost your business through AI.

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